OCEANSIDE, Calif. — There’s confusion among passengers showing up to the Oceanside Transit Center Tuesday after another landslide came down near the tracks in San Clemente.

All train service between Oceanside and Irvine was suspended Monday until further notice.

Instead of getting on a train, passengers will have to board charter buses as part of their trip.

Many passengers showing up to the transit center Tuesday morning were unaware and confused by the change to their morning travel plans.

“The machine just said service interruption, so I’m calling them to know what’s the next what’s next,” said traveler Menchie Dadiro. “They didn’t tell me. The machine didn’t tell me.”

FOX 5’s Elizabeth Alvarez stepped in to try and help Dadiro, who was headed to Los Angeles and eventually on to Seattle.

After getting through to Amtrak and checking his email, the passenger learned he had to board one of the charter buses that were beginning to show up at the transit center.

The Orange County Transportation Authority is currently working to create a barrier next to the tracks where the latest landslide occurred in San Clemente. They hope it will protect the railroad from falling debris so they can continue rail services.

No timeline was given on when that project might be completed.