SAN DIEGO – The travel delays and cancellations worldwide are impacting travelers at the San Diego International Airport.

According to FlightAware, an online database that tracks travel worldwide, more than 5,800 flights in the U.S. were delayed Saturday and 849 were canceled. At least 129 flights were delayed and nine flights were canceled that were set to fly in and out of San Diego International Airport Saturday.

The travel issues are worldwide as FlightAware data shows nearly 17,000 delays worldwide and more than 2,700 cancelations Saturday.

This is on top of the 8,956 delays in the U.S. on Friday, alone.

The delays and cancelations come just weeks after thousands of travelers experienced headaches caused over Memorial day weekend.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Saturday that his department could take action against airlines that are not living up to consumer protection standards.

“Well, my flight got delayed twice, actually,” Hannah Li said. She was set to travel to Seattle to visit friends for the weekend.

“Well, you know, I’ve lost my weekend, basically,” said traveler Frank Perry. He was supposed to leave San Diego and fly back home to New York Thursday night after a conference, but the airlines had other plans.

Perry’s Thursday night flight was delayed, and then eventually canceled. The airline said the next flight they could get him on was Saturday night, with a stop, and arriving in New York early Sunday morning. This caused a three-day travel delay and two nights in the airport. Perry did say however that the airline paid for his hotel.

It’s been really kind of frustrating,” Ken Self said. His flight from Germany was delayed and when he arrived in San Diego, his luggage didn’t make it with him.

“I didn’t think it would be this bad,” Perry said. “It’s never happened to me before. I’ve traveled extensively and this has never happened.”

Airlines warned before summer travel started that impacts were likely, as airlines are dealing with staffing and pilot shortages. It’s also noted that the east coast dealt with weather-related travel impacts Friday.

AAA is offering travel tips for navigating travel this summer season. The Auto Club said to:

  • Anticipate extra expenses associated with delays and cancellations
  • Purchase travel insurance