SAN DIEGO — From tacos and pizza pies to authentic Filipino and Ethiopian cuisine, San Diego’s dining scene has a lot to offer.

To help foodies narrow down the most favored restaurants in the region, Yelp has created a 2023 collection of the top 50 places to eat in San Diego.

To determine which spots earned a ranking on the list, Yelp says researchers identified businesses in the restaurants category, then ranked those establishment using a number of factors like the total volume and ratings of reviews between summer 2022 and summer 2023.

Restaurants on this list, which looked at businesses in and around the San Diego area, were all marked open on Yelp as of Oct. 23, 2023. Yelp also noted that all businesses on this list had a passing health score as of this same date.

Enough with the methodology — let’s bite into this data. Will it be delicate pasta, juicy kabobs, or top notch pub faire for dinner?

No. 50: Daru Indian Gastropub

No. 49: moment sushi

No. 48: Wolf in the Woods

No. 47: Poma’s Italian Deli

No. 48: Pure Thai

No. 47: Poma’s Italian Deli

No. 46: Pure Thai

No. 45: Mimoza Mediterranean Restaurant

No. 44: Pepper Farm Deli

No. 43: Azuki Sushi

No. 42: Bun & Patti

No. 41: Pamir Kabob House

No. 40: The Waves Taco Club

No. 39: Beyer Deli

No. 38: Hug Thai Express

No. 37: Sue’s Korean Kitchen

No. 36: The Craft Taco at SOVA

No. 35: Tavola Nostra Pizzeria e Cucina

No. 34: Encuentro Cafe

No. 33: Evan’s Deli & Brew

No. 32: Ney Restaurant

No. 31: Phonomenal

No. 30: The Pizza Standard

No. 29: Flama Llama

No. 28: Bunny Chow – South African Food

No. 27: Steak & Bones

No. 26: Pesto Italian Craft Kitchen College

No. 25: Shawarma Shack

No. 24: Ngon Ngon To Go

No. 23: Baba Kabob

No. 22: Harmony Cuisine 2B1

No. 21: Ed Fernandez Restaurant Birrieria

No. 20: Siamo Napoli

No. 19: The Hills Pub

No. 18: Cesarina

No. 17: Vinarius – Wine Bar and Restaurant

No. 16: Werewolf

No. 15: Shrimp Heads

No. 14: formoosa

No. 13: Sandok Filipino Cuisine

No. 12: Pho Kha

No. 11: Classic Burger

No. 10: Classics Malt Shop

No. 9: It’s Raw Poke Shop

No. 8: Pizza e Birra

No. 7: Pizzeria El Jefe Mexican Pizza Revolution

No. 6: Boxing Crab

No. 5: The Girls Deli

No. 4: Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant

No. 3: Fairouz Cafe & Gallery

No. 2: Thanh Tinh Chay

No. 1: HillCrust Pizza

San Diegans and tourist have spoken — these are the “must indulge” spots across the region. Who’s hungry?