SAN DIEGO — Monday is the final day to register to receive a ballot in the mail for the Nov. 8 Statewide General Election.

Early voting is now underway. At the registrar’s office in Kearny Mesa, you can vote in person right now during the week from 8 am to 5 pm.

Voters can also choose to mail ballots in or return them to one of the 141 official ballot drop boxes around the county.

Starting this Saturday, thirty-nine vote centers will open where you can either vote in person or drop off your ballot.

Then, the following Saturday, Nov. 5, more than 200 vote centers will open.

FOX 5 spoke with Johnene Smith, a San Diego County voter, about the process.

“When I turn in my husband’s in, I turn mine in. I’d rather drop it off and know that it gets here instead of putting it in the mail and.”

You can learn more about upcoming races on the November ballot on FOX 5’s Election Guide.

Those who do not register by today’s deadline will need to go to the Registrar’s office in Kearny Mesa or visit a vote center starting Saturday, Oct. 29 to conditionally register and vote provisionally through Election Day.