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SAN DIEGO — San Diego International Airport is launching a new program to skip long security lines.

CLEAR, which allows members to quickly verify their identities at touchless, biometric security kiosks, started in 2010 but will be brand new to San Diego. SAN is the 43rd airport in the country to have it.

The overall goal of the CLEAR program is to make the travel experience easier, faster and less stressful. One of the major benefits is skipping the long lines at the airport or making the wait time shorter for travelers willing to pay the membership fee of around $180 a year or $15 per month.

“CLEAR is a registered travel program and we have a network of designated lanes. When a member comes to the airport, they’re able to verify identity using their eyes and fingers instead of using the traditional travel documents like driver’s license or passport,” said Arica Gately, senior director of airport business development.

After verification, travelers are escorted to baggage security checks, where they will then notice two types of security lines: one for TSA PreCheck and another for CLEAR.

Some of the biggest differences between the two programs are:

  • TSA PreCheck is offered through the government while clear is through a private program.
  • CLEAR expedites the document and identity screening process and PreCheck makes the physical screening process faster.
  • Cost is another factor: PreCheck is $85 for five years while CLEAR is $180.

As for what’s better, both have their pros and cons. Nationwide, more than 12 million people have enrolled in the CLEAR program.

The new high-tech service rolled out at Terminal 2.