SAN DIEGO — The Marine Corps Air Station Miramar airshow continued into its second day Saturday, drawing out thousands for the event. This year’s theme is “America’s Airshow: Presented by the United States Marine Corps.”

“I’d say the biggest draw here is obviously the airplanes but also the people — the marines, the sailors, the airmen,” said Luke Esposito, executive officer of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. “We’ve got members of every service here that are showing off what they do and the equipment that they have.”

During the second day of the Miramar Airshow, visitors were able to check out immersive experiences, static displays and more. Meanwhile, crowds were also wowed by daytime demonstrations, including one by the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF).

“The display for the MAGTF demo was just generally showing how the marine corps fights as team integrating both air and ground together all in one,” said Davis Wilson, a Cobra co-pilot.

It was not only a memorable experience for visitors, but also for participants.

“It’s really nice to let everyone see what we can do and what we’re doing on a semi-usual basis,” said First Lieutenant Glenn Grant.

“I guess a lot of times we don’t get to show what we do every day to people so seeing people out here and looking out of the helicopter and seeing the big crowd was a really cool experience,” said Wilson.

Visitors are advised to plan for large crowds and lots of walking. It’s also strongly advised to bring ear protection for the loud noises throughout the airshow.