SAN DIEGO — Memorial Day weekend came to a close on the warmest and busiest day for San Diego beaches.

Lifeguards say the holiday weekend was right on par with past busy Memorial Day weekends with thousands of visitors and also dozens of rescues.

“Anywhere you go that’s fun, that’s worth it, it’s going to be busy,” said Adam Feldman, visiting from Arizona.

A gloomy start to the holiday weekend in San Diego didn’t seem to slow visitors down.

“I was expecting there to be more sunshine, but today is the perfect day,” said Racha Mallam, visiting all the way from Eqypt.

Lifeguards say right around 100,000 visitors were estimated at San Diego beaches both on Saturday and Sunday, with about 100 rescues happening those two days alone.

Two beachgoers are seen taking a photo at a San Diego area beach on Monday, May 30, 2022. (KSWB)

Monday provided an even busier and sunnier finale to the Memorial Day weekend. Lifeguards reported more than 200,000 visitors Monday and an additional 86 rescues.

Lifeguards also reported about 40 responses that required minor medical aid and about seven needing serious medical aid over the course of the three-day holiday.