SAN DIEGO — Day two of the MCAS Miramar Air Show was another full day packed with sights and sounds, as hundreds of thousands of people had their eyes to the sky.

“I mean it’s just fantastic, doesn’t really get any better than this,” said Robert Beringhele, who drove from Los Angeles to watch his first air show at Miramar.

It’s the first full-force air show in three years due to the pandemic.

Starting Monday, preparations will already begin for next year’s air show.

“It’s great, I mean you have every single aircraft you can imagine,” Captain Luke Benge said. “We basically show you exactly what our capabilities are, what we can do and what you expect from aircraft.” 

The air show gives the public a chance to get an up close look at the military aircrafts, an opportunity you may not otherwise get.

You get up in action with it and see what it’s all about, a little bit more than what it seems like, a picture or TV,” said Mike Vickers, who served in the military and attended the airshow Saturday with his son.

The Miramar Air Show is expected to draw more than a-half-million people.