SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Picture perfect beaches can be found along San Diego’s coastline, but one particular beach is considered to be “the most beautiful” in the entire country.

A new study by Florida Rentals, a vacation rental marketplace, analyzed the number of Instagram hashtags for the most visited beaches in the U.S. and then compared this with each beach’s length to see which beaches had the highest number of hashtags per meter, the company explained.

Taking the crown as the “most beautiful beach in the U.S” is La Jolla Cove, which garnered a whopping 4,257 hashtags per meter, according to the study. Florida Rentals said this San Diego beach had over 366,000 hashtagged Instagram posts about the area as of April 6, 2023.

This may come as no surprise for San Diegans as the secluded cove is great for swimming and sunbathing. It’s also located near La Jolla Village, which has a variety of restaurants and shops that can be enjoyed before or after beach visits.

The second “most beautiful beach in the U.S.,” according to the study, is Florida’s South Beach, followed by Orange County, California’s Laguna Beach which took third place.

Here’s a look at Florida Rentals’ list of top ten “most beautiful beaches in the U.S.”

(Graphic: Florida Rentals)

A spokesperson for Florida Rentals said, “With only three states featuring in the top ten, it’s clear which states are the top choices for beachgoers in the US. You’d have to go as far as 15th in the study to find Virginia Beach, the highest-ranking entry not in California, Florida, or Hawaii. It’s also fascinating to see how some tiny beaches can garner such strong popularity, especially regarding social media.”