SAN DIEGO — Time is running out for San Diego County taxpayers as the window to claim money that’s owed to them closes Thursday night.

Regional Treasurer-Tax Collector, Dan McAllister says $543,171 worth of unclaimed cash will be rolled into the County General Fund if it’s not snagged by the Sept. 21 deadline.

“The holidays will be here before we know it; I’m sure people can use extra money,” McAllister said. “If you have done business with the county in the last three years, including paying property taxes, you could be on the ‘Unclaimed Monies’ list.”

Finding out if you’re owed money by the county is as simple as reviewing a list of unclaimed refunds on the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s webpage. Scroll the list, which is in alphabetical order, to see if your name is on the register.

“We want all of this money returned to San Diegans, so please tell your friends and family to go to to check the unclaimed money list,” said McAllister. ”The smallest refund amount available is $15.13, and the largest refund amount is $41,491.24. ”

If you are owed money, fill out a County Wide Unclaimed Monies Form and submit it to the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s office ahead of the deadline.

You can email your claim to or call 1-877-829-4732 for more information.

You can also mail your claim form and documents to the County of San Diego Auditor and Controller at 5530 Overland Ave., Rm. 410 San Diego, CA 92123. Keep in mind, this must be postmarked no later than Sept. 21.

More information on unclaimed refunds can be found here.

Each year the Treasurer-Tax Collector and other county departments have thousands of dollars that are owed to taxpayers. This usually results from warrants/checks that are undeliverable by the postal service, overpaid taxes, or instances in which individual and organizations are doing business with or receiving county services.