SAN DIEGO — When thinking of blue waters, does San Diego come to mind? It should.

According to a new analysis by mobility platform SIXT, there are two areas in the region that are considered among the bluest waterways in the nation.

“The world is full of stunning natural wonders, but there’s something unique about recharging while enjoying blue waters,” said David Woody, country development and travel expert at SIXT. “Studies have shown that when we’re near water, the sights and sounds kickstart neurochemicals in our body that stimulate wellness, increasing blood flow to the brain and heart and helping us relax.”

The good news for San Diegans — some of the most mesmerizing shades of blue can be viewed and enjoyed right here in Southern California.

According to SIXT’s analysis, Sail Bay in San Diego ranked as the sixth bluest waterway in the U.S. The water kisses the borders of the Pacific and Mission Beach neighborhoods, while also meeting Mission Bay.

With a matching Hex color code of #376EA4, according to SIXT, the blue waters of Sail Bay can be taken in from the sandy beach or a nearby playground area.

Sail Bay
(Image released by SIXT /

In one spot higher than Sail Bay comes La Jolla Cove as fifth bluest waterway in the nation, based on SIXT’s analysis. This popular San Diego area is protected as part of a marine reserve, which could contribute to its blue beauty.

With a matching Hex color code of #1665A8, these waters are also regularly enjoyed by marine life like sea lions, seals and cormorants.

(Image released by SIXT /

Another Southern California area that made the top 50 list of bluest waterways is Latigo Beach in San Diego’s neighboring county of Los Angeles. This waterway has a Hex code of#036F9E, SIXT said.

Here’s a look at the top 10 bluest waterways in the US, according to this analysis:

RankWaterwayCity    Hex Code
1Blue Hole Santa Rosa, NM#024A84
2Chena Hot SpringsFairbanks, AK#00527A
3Las Olas BeachFort Lauderdale, FL#02509A
4Grand LakeGrand Lake, CO#165895
5La Jolla CoveSan Diego#1665A8
6Sail BaySan Diego#376EA4
7Lake ConwayEdgewood, FL#277ECD
8Lake GeorgeLake George, NY#517EB7
9Coeur d’Alene LakeCoeur d’Alene, ID#5A88C3
10Glass BeachPort Townsend, WA#6597CA

“Let yourself be inspired by these blue hues, matching up your love for aquamarine, dark sapphire, or turquoise waters to find your next vacation spot,” Woody, the SIXT travel expert, stated.

For San Diegans — it looks like a blue “staycation” awaits.