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SAN DIEGO — In honor of National Puppy Day on March 23, doggy day care and boarding franchise Camp Bow Wow has released its annual list of top dog names.

The canine care provider creates its annual list by analyzing its nationwide database of nearly 400,000 four-legged campers. According to their data, there five names that San Diegans prefer for their Southern California pooches.

Here’s a list of the top five dog names for pet owners in America’s Finest City:

(Graphic released by Camp Bow Wow)

According to Camp Bow Wow, the majority of the West Coast, East Coast and central states, including Texas, favored the name Luna the most. Based on their data, only six states didn’t have Luna as their top dog name.

Camp Bow Wow’s Animal Health and Behavioral Expert Erin Askeland says it’s important to carefully choose your dog’s name because it will be used for training purposes. She says this will have a significant effect on your dog’s life.

“Short names are helpful for getting your dog’s attention,” said Askeland. “A good rule of thumb is to stick to two syllables and avoid names that could sound like commands. For example, Clay is a cute name, but it may sound like ’stay’ to a dog.” 

Askeland also suggested giving positive reinforcement like treats and affection to your dog while teaching them their name.

Whether your dog’s name is Luna, Daisy, Cooper, Charlie, Max or something else — shower them with love this National Puppy Day.