SAN DIEGO — A busy travel week is underway at San Diego International Airport, where more than 480,000 travelers are expected to pass through for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Airport spokesperson Nicole Hall says passengers should arrive at least two hours early for their flights, if possible.

“There’s no way to predict exactly when the traffic will increase, it doesn’t matter what your time of flight is, just plan ahead,” Hall said.

On Monday morning, just getting to Terminal One was a slow-go with all the construction going on.

All lanes entering the airport remain open, but because of construction, there’s not much parking available.

“The most significant change is that our Terminal One parking structure is closed. We do have parking, it’s limited and it’s in our Terminal Two parking plaza,” Hall said.

Other travelers FOX 5 talked with said their glad to get an early start on the holiday, adding they had a game plan and stuck to it.

“I didn’t want to park, I didn’t want to have anybody drop me off so they’d be stuck here for 30-40 minutes so I just rented a car and came down myself,” one traveler said.