SAN DIEGO — It was a rude and wet awakening for one teenager on Fiesta Island Friday morning.

Daniel Waclawiw, an 18-year-old male from Maryland, said he decided to stay the night in his car near Mission Bay. When parking his vehicle, he said the waterline appeared to be about 25 feet away.

Despite thinking he had plenty of clearance, a sleeping Waclawiw soon encountered Friday morning’s King Tide, which caused minor flooding along the San Diego County coastline.

With water submerging his ankles, Waclawiw said he immediately knew what must have happened. The 18-year-old took the situation lightly, saying “it’s kind of one of those things where you just have to laugh.”

Cale Hartung, a local man who said he lives in the area, offered to help the teen by pulling the partially submerged car out of the water with a tow strap and his Jeep 4X4. When asked why he choose to help Waclawiw, Hartung called the decision a “no brainer” and said “you gotta’ help out.”

Cale Hartung, left, smiles after helping Daniel Waclawiw, right, tow his car out of Friday’s King Tide on Fiesta Island. (Photo: OnScene.TV)

It’s unknown where the teen plans on car camping next, but the San Diego National Weather Service warns tides up to 7 feet tall are also expected Saturday morning.