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OCEANSIDE, Calif. — A teen was rescued Wednesday from rushing waters in the San Luis Rey River, said the Oceanside Fire Department.

The department was called out for a swift water rescue below the Douglas Bridge shortly before 10:15 p.m.

Responding crews and officers from the Oceanside Police Department located a teenage victim standing waist deep in fast moving water about 30 yards from the north bank of the river.

According to witnesses, the female victim allegedly jumped from the bridge, which the department said is about 35 feet in height.

Swift Water Teams from the Oceanside Lifeguard Division and Cal Fire worked together to rescue the teen, bringing her safely back to shore, officials said. Rescuers were concerned about the possible effects of the victim being exposed to the cold waters.

The teen was the turned over to Oceanside paramedics for medical treatment, including warming measures. She was transported to a North County hospital for further treatment.

The fire department said it would like to remind the public that “fast-moving water can quickly overtake even the strongest swimmer.” Officials warned that during times of heavy rain fall, entry into rivers and streams should be avoided.