CORONADO, Calif. — It was “Take a Vet to School Day” at Coronado Middle Wednesday.

Veterans and active duty service members joined students on campus, many of whom were their own children, for a special celebration.

The festivities started with breakfast and quality time among military family members.

“I think this is a great opportunity to spend some times with the kids and an opportunity to think about things bigger than ourselves,” said serviceman Ryan Billington

His middle school son, Thomas, told FOX 5 he was so proud of his dad.

“I think he is the greatest dad that anyone could ever have in the entire world,” said Thomas.

One of the biggest surprises for the group happened after breakfast. The entire school formed a human wall of gratitude outside on the field.

Students formed lines, holding flags and signs, and saluted each veteran and service member as they walked by.

It was a special moment demonstrating the much love and appreciation the school community has for the military.

Sixth grader Elisabeth Lovelesss had no problem putting into words how she felt, about her father — Cpt. Damon Loveless, the executive officer of the USS Abraham Lincoln which is homeported in San Diego.

“I’m really proud of him,” she said. “There’s only like 12 people in the world that can do what he’s doing right now, and he’s made so many sacrifices for this country and I’m really really proud.”

He responded to this day of appreciation and his daughters love.

“I mean, I love serving our nation. It is hard to sacrifice our families and I appreciate these sorts of events where they’re recognizing veterans. It’s a privilege to be here and have breakfast with her and watch her sing in the choir, but her words really inspire me and make me feel a lot of gratitude,” said Loveless.

The school would not be able to pull off the event every year without the help of its sponsors.

With Coronado having such a large concentration of military families, you can bet the middle school will do it all over again next year.