DEL MAR, Calif. — Lyn Jutronich said she is doing well, in some pain, but can stand and even walk around following a shark bite incident near Del Mar.

“For having being bit by a shark, I’m doing pretty well,” she said.

Jutronich, a lifetime swimmer who started swimming at just 3-years-old, competed in college and then discovered a love for ocean swimming.

On Friday, she and her swim partner, David, finished their weekly swim at Del Mar Beach and were resting at the surf line — but they were not alone.

“The first thing I felt, a huge upward push,” Jutronich said. “It was a ram-like and it hit me between the legs and pushed me up out of the water.”

“And then right after that, right after it rammed me, I saw it clamp down on my thigh,” Jutronich continued.

Del Mar Lifeguards confirmed that Lyn had been bitten by a juvenile white shark. She and her partner knew they had to get out of the water.

Jutronich said, “And I just remember saying to him over and over again, ‘David I’m bit, I’m scared, I’m bit.’”

“I was still swimming with one arm, we just knew we had to get to shore,” she continued. “And that’s all you’re focused on at that point.”

Nearly 300 meters out into the ocean, they made it back where lifeguards treated Jutronich’s leg then sent her off to the hospital.

Jutronich finally saw and learned of her injuries.

“I have a definite bite on the right thigh, one gash is pretty-wide and deep,” she said. “I think they said it was about 8 centimeters by 2 centimeters and 2 centimeters to 3 centimeters deep, that’s the worst one. And then a bunch of little puncture marks, you can clearly see the rows of teeth.”

“It’s your worst nightmare,” Jutronich said.

A nightmare, hopefully turned back to her ocean swimming dream.

Jutronich said, “I could not say, I hope I can because it’s something I love so so much, but I think it will be very difficult.”

Jutronich told FOX 5 doctors are treating her injuries, draining any bacteria that could’ve made its way in from ocean or the shark. She said she is expected to be in the hospital for a couple more days and will be focused on her recovery.