Sweetwater students start school year virtually


CHULA VISTA, Calif. – Sweetwater Union High School District students kicked off the school year virtually Monday.

For students like Castle Park High senior Aurora Segura, the first day of school usually brings a new chapter filled with excitement.

“The night before, I’d have my whole outfit picked out,” Aurora said. “I would already know what I am doing with my hair, I would have makeup. I’d feel confident. I’d feel good walking in.”

At least, that is what she would normally do. But this year was different, as she combed her hair and sat down in her backyard with her iPad. “I could have worn pajamas if I wanted to.”

Aurora simply logged on to meet her teacher. “Just click the link and it pops up right there.”

Castle Park High School cut classes to an hour and a half — thirty minutes shorter than before. 

Jose Estrada had a little bit more of a challenge.

“We had technical difficulties where something wasn’t working with the computer but we expected that,” the father of four district-enrolled students said.

One of Estrada’s children had a laptop with a broken keyboard, but lucky for them, dad is a computer engineer and took the whole week off to get his four kids set up for classes.

“The little things like, ‘hey my headset doesn’t work’ or ‘I don’t know where I should click.’”

Other parents took to social media Monday to voice frustrations of logging in. A spokesperson for the district said the IT department handled a number of calls but by the end of the day, felt confident the majority of them had been resolved.

“I didn’t see major issues,” Estrada said. “I expect by the end of the week that we will be pretty smooth.”

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