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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Just four days into the school year, Sweetwater Union High School District is investigating several instances of inappropriate interruptions during virtual learning.

District officials are looking into reports from four to five high schools.

Mario Prado, a freshman at Otay Ranch High School, said the disruption happened Wednesday during his Spanish class.

“Things were just going as normal and then two random names popped up,” Mario said. “One was telling the teacher, ‘shut the F up’ and the other one was making weird moaning sounds as if they were doing the deed.”

Other students at Olympian High School said a math class was interrupted by pornography.

The district believes the disruptions have come from students who are not part of the classes but are crashing Google sessions.

Rocely Gomez says it seems her son’s teacher handled things swiftly.

“Few minutes after, she muted them and then kicked them out of the meeting so I’m hoping that that’s taken care of,” Gomez said. “They didn’t come back just the two or three occasions during that one class.”

While the district investigates who is behind some of the vulgar interruptions, they will also work to improve security.

“It’s just surprising and sad going through everything that everyone is going through right now in the world,” Gomez said. “I would expect the kids to have more respect toward everyone else.”

The district reminds students and staff to not share class access codes and to change passwords when necessary.