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Latest: NTSB arrives in Santee amid investigation into cause of plane crash

SANTEE, Calif. — Home surveillance footage received by FOX 5 from a resident Monday evening shows the moment a small plane nosedives before crashing in a Santee neighborhood.

The plane crashed Monday afternoon at the intersection of Jeremy and Greencastle streets, killing at least two people, including a UPS employee, authorities said. Multiple homes were also damaged.

In the video, it initially seems like a peaceful scene with palm trees swaying in the wind, multiple cars and a garbage truck parked in a cul-de-sac. Then, out of nowhere in the upper right corner of the screen, a small plane can be seen nosediving and disappearing behind the main visible home.

A few seconds later, a cloud of smoke can be seen exploding upward into the air from the crash, turning from light gray to a dark black in an instant as the smoke continued to fume.

The aircraft was a twin-engine C340 Cessna, Santee Mayor John Minto said, and according to the county, its flight plan indicated it was traveling from Yuma, Arizona to Montgomery Gibbs Executive Airport in Kearny Mesa.

A UPS delivery truck was destroyed in the crash. Two to three additional homes were damaged, Santee Fire Department Battalion Chief Justin Matsushita told reporters. He said those inside the impacted homes, including a woman seen on video being rescued by a group of neighbors, were able to get out.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.