SAN DIEGO — A group of would-be thieves was caught on security cameras breaking into the Pop Pie Co. and the adjacent Stella Jean’s handmade ice cream shop in University Heights.

The break-in happened Thursday at 2 a.m.

Four people can be seen on camera rummaging through the counters of the businesses, apparently searching for cash.

“It’s really heartbreaking because it such a great business,” said Kim Cooper, a local resident who frequents both businesses.

The team of thieves can be seen searching frantically for something valuable, then all leaving at the same time.

Cooper thinks she knows why.

“I’m really not sure what anyone was after for Stella Jean’s at least, unless they didn’t see through the window that there is sign saying ‘no cash’ that’s been there forever,” she said. 

Two glass doors will need replacing, but according to an Instagram post, the owner says they lost no cash and are still open during normal hours.