SANTEE, Calif. — Supply chain problems from the pandemic are still straining the auto industry.

Customers are finding car repairs are taking longer and hitting their wallets harder. That’s because repair shops say supply chain issues are making it tougher to get parts.

“There’s a shortage in parts from all the different manufacturers. It’s just delaying the repair times overall on everything,” says Manny Herrera with Fix Auto Santee. 

Herrera says supply chain issues from the pandemic are doubling their turnaround time. 

“I would say on average, I would say three to maybe six months depending on the type of part,” Herrera said.

That’s causing a ripple effect across the auto industry. Even rental car dealers are feeling the pressure.

“When the car maker does not have a microchip to build their cars, the demand goes up because new cars are not coming to the market,” says Perfect Budget Rental Owner Afshin Karimi.

Karimi says he has a reduced inventory and higher customer demand as people stay longer in rentals waiting for repairs.

“Demand is up but we don’t have as much vehicles to provide,” says Karimi.

The high demand and low supply is also forcing him to raise his prices.

“I don’t like it that much because two years ago I had 60 cars for rent,” says Karimi. “Now, I have 20 cars for rent. Just comparing it, my price is going up but I don’t collect that much money.”

Mechanics say shops are busier than ever and repairs used to take 7 days on average. Now, due to the pandemic, the average repair time has jumped to 21 days.