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CARLSBAD, Calif. – Public schools around San Diego County are closed for the foreseeable future, but children are still attending classes.

 Instead of going to school and sitting in a classroom, many students are attending online classes from home.

In wake of the growing concern over the coronavirus, La Jolla Country Day School closed its doors last Friday. The school is transitioning to online classes for all its students, from preschool through the 12th grade.

For the Hobbs family, that means 10-year-old Simone and her 8-year-old brother Tre can attend classes from home. In fact, they work at the same kitchen table.

“It’s been easier than I thought, but it wasn’t what I expected it to be,” Simone said.

Each student logs into a video chat with their fellow classmates where they can all see each other and even speak when the teacher calls on them. They call these Zoom meetings. Simone said it’s a lot like class at school.

“We do math and reading,” she said. “We read about the history of St. Patrick’s Day.”

Part of the day, the kids log out of the video chats to study on their own. The two Hobbs siblings are getting used to the new routine, but Simone said it’s been a tough adjustment.

“I was really upset, because I wasn’t going to see my friends for a long time,” she said.

“It wasn’t easy, but it’s been exciting,” said Simone’s mom Payton Hobbs, who is the head of the Lower School at La Jolla Country Day.

It’s a transition the entire school — over 1,100 students — is going through. Payton Hobbs said she’s been watching how her kids do with the classes and taking notes to help make adjustments for everyone.

“We’re excited about the process, because we are learning new skills and new content in a real quick manner that I don’t think would have happened without these circumstances,” she said

The school hopes that students can get back to the classrooms sooner than later but are prepared to continue online classes for weeks to come.