SAN DIEGO — Many travelers at the San Diego International Airport are dealing with flight disruptions.

Several people have said they are stranded at the airport until the airline is able to rebook them, while others have said they have been standing hours in line waiting to talk to an agent.

“I’ve been here for four days, I’m trying to get to Austin, Texas,” Angel Garcia said.

Behind every unclaimed bag from a canceled flight waiting to be reunited with its owner and behind every canceled or delayed flight is a story.

“My son, I missed Christmas with my son, only thing I got was a Facetime call and it was just heartbreaking. I never miss a Christmas and I thought I was going to be there late on Christmas Eve at least, just push back my flight, get there late and I’ll just surprise him at night. But no, I missed Christmas too, and now it looks like I’m going to miss New Years, and on top of that, I’m missing work right now,” Garcia said.

Garcia explained that he is now three days into work and has no PTO.

“I’m probably going to lose my job. I’m a maintenance technician for an apartment complex so as soon as I lose my job, I lose my living situation. It’s going to be a cascade effect of me losing it all,” he said.

The holiday high is quickly fading for several people as dozens of flight struggles, mainly with Southwest Airlines, spill over for days. That means days away from home for several passengers.

Click here to see the Southwest Airlines CEO, Bob Jordan, respond to the flight issues.

“My children, my grandkids, my job, everything. I have the holidays, yes I get it, but now, time to get back to reality. Now I’m stuck here in San Diego, nowhere to go and they telling us ‘we did the best we can, we booked you on the 31st,’ from the 31st till now we got to figure out?” said one passenger whose flight to Sacramento got canceled Tuesday.

Canceled and delayed flights have stranded hundreds of people, left then waiting hours, sometimes days for answers while looking for other ways to make it back home to their destinations.

“Eight hours, eight hours in line,” said Joseph Langston, whose flight to El Paso, Texas got canceled twice.

“I don’t got a flight, they can’t put me on a flight. I’m going to have to take a bus. I’m going to take a FlixBus,” Langston said.

Other travelers are financially stuck, cannot afford a rental car to drive home, or a hotel room until that next flight that could be days away.

“I don’t have any money, all my vacation and everything was set aside to coming out here and now going to be out here an extra week. There is no money to be spent to get the receipts, I’m just going to be sitting in this airport for the next four days, hoping for more meal vouchers and free sandwiches till I go home,” Garcia said.