CARLSBAD, Calif. —  An uptick of lice infestations in North County San Diego has been reported by a website created by lice removal specialists.

The website reported that lice calls went up 30 to 40 percent since last January.

Doctors at Rady Children’s Hospital are recommending that people check their hair regularly for signs of lice, such as small white eggs or nits attached to the hair shafts, or adult lice crawling on the scalp.

If any signs are found, doctors said you should seek treatment.

“You’ll see it where it will pass within families using the same combs, brushes, kids taking hats from one another and wearing them. It has to be direct contact for that to occur,” said Dr. Scott Herskovitz MD from Rady Children’s Hospital.

The experts are also advising people to avoid sharing personal items such as hats, combs, brushes and towels with others who may be infected with lice.

Additionally, they are recommending that people wash their bedding and clothing in hot water and dry them in high-heat settings to kill any lice or eggs that may be present.

Karen Sokoloff, the owner of said the spike in lice infestations has been reported in places like Oceanside, Escondido, Encinitas, Vista and Carlsbad.

Experts are alerting local schools and daycare centers to be on the lookout for lice in their students as well. Anyone who suspects they may have a lice infestation should contact their healthcare provider for treatment options.