CHULA VISTA, Calif. — The Christopher Columbus and Discovery Park Task Force is putting out a “request for interest” from any groups in the community that want to acquire the controversial Chula Vista statue.

“Any entity, organization, even an educational organization to be able to share potentially their interests for the statue,” explained Ricardo Medina, chair of the task force.

Last September, Chula Vista City Council approved the permanent removal of the statue and appointed the task force to help determine any future decisions involving the statue and park.

“What is their purpose, how they want to exhibit it? That will allow us to really see who the stakeholders are within our community that are interested in this statue,” Medina said.

The statue was originally taken down in July of 2020, right before a planned protest at Discovery Park.

“You have people raising their hand to take the statue, take it off the city’s hands. Right now, it’s just sitting in storage,” said Kevin Petralia with Sons And Daughters of Italy.

One of the groups interested in the statue is Sons and Daughters of Italy, San Diego.

“We’re not saying we’re going to put it in a public location. We know the parameters that we have to abide by. We’re not sure if it’s going to go into a museum or it could be one of the main orders of Sons and Daughters of Italy.”

Indigenous groups have called for the removal of the statue and other monuments like it, saying they impact the emotional health of native people and other people of color.

Requests can be made starting in June and the task force will make a recommendation about who should get the statue to city council. City council will have the final say in a decision that is anticipated this fall.