SAN DIEGO — Southwest Airlines returned to normal operations at the San Diego International Airport Friday.

As of Friday afternoon, only one Southwest flight was canceled and 62 were delayed out of SAN. This is a stark contrast compared to earlier this week where nearly 200 were canceled in just one day at the same airport.

Nationwide, Southwest had canceled more than 15,000 flights this week, causing massive travel disruptions, resulting in some travelers to be stranded in airports during the holiday week.

Southwest is offering some travelers a refund on their plane ticket.

“In the event your flight is canceled or significantly delayed during the travel period beginning on December 24, 2022 through January 2, 2023, you may request a refund of your unused ticket to the original form of payment,” their website reads.

Southwest is also still working to reunite passengers with their luggage and has a link online to assist.

“We recognize that many of our Customers are currently separated from their belongings, and we’re working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible,” the site said.

“It’s nice to see people not standing in the aisleways, people being able to get to where they are going,” San Diego International Airport Senior Communications Specialist Nicole Hall said.

San Diego resident Miking Lee was trying to make it to Ohio to celebrate Christmas with his family, but was delayed in Austin, New Orleans and Atlanta and spent Christmas alone in an airport.

Lee said his family drove from Ohio to Atlanta to pick him up, but he did not get much time with them. His luggage never made it to Ohio, so now it is being rerouted back to San Diego. He said there’s Christmas presents inside his luggage that he didn’t get to give to his mom, brother or sister.

“I finally got to see my mom Tuesday morning, and then I just got back to San Diego this morning, I didn’t get to spend much time with my mom because of the airline situation,”

While many of the flight disruptions did not impact travelers on Friday, it still made some hesitant and concerned about their upcoming flights.

“We were pretty nervous about hearing all the stories of everything that’s been happening with Southwest, but we got an email from Southwest yesterday saying they were expecting to be back to normal, so we got on our flight today and had no problems,” Krista Donovan said.