SAN DIEGO — Mass cancellation of Southwest Airlines flights continued Wednesday at San Diego International Airport.

According to the San Diego airport’s website, of the 148 scheduled departing and arriving Southwest flights Wednesday, 112 have been cancelled and 13 have been delayed as of 11 a.m.

Of the 2,749 canceled flights within, into, or out of the United States on Wednesday, 2,507 were Southwest flights, according to FlightAware.

Over 120 arriving and departing Southwest flights at San Diego International were cancelled Tuesday, and nearly 2,700 were cancelled nationwide.

The cancellations have left some travelers stranded at the San Diego airport for days as they try to return home from holiday travel.

Southwest CEO Bob Jordan apologized for the delays and cancellations in a video released Tuesday.

“I want everyone who is dealing with the problems we’ve been facing, whether you haven’t been able to get to where you need to go or you’re one of our heroic employees caught up in a massive effort to stabilize the airline, to know is that we’re doing everything we can to return to a normal operation. And please also hear that I’m truly sorry,” Jordan said.

The mass cancelations have gained the attention of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who spoke to Jordan on Tuesday and indicated it expects Southwest to live up to commitments like paying for affected passengers’ meal vouchers and hotels.

“Where most airlines saw their performance start to improve, Southwest’s has actually moved in the other direction,” Buttigieg said on “NBC Nightly News” on Tuesday evening.

Flights at San Diego International Airport with other major airlines were mostly on schedule Wednesday, according to the airport website.