CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Several soccer fields in Chula Vista, which are home to the Eastlake Soccer League, could soon be redeveloped, according to Anwar Nash, the owner of The Eastlake Soccer League.

Nash said he’s rented the land since 2018 from Brookfield Properties. He said he was informed that one day Brookfield would redevelop the land. When he signed his lease with that understanding, he didn’t know the league would grow to have about 6,000 players.

“We didn’t know we would grow this big for the soccer community in Chula Vista,” Nash said. “It’s sad because especially here in South Bay, the Latino community its huge, they all love sports, especially soccer.”

Nash said his lease expires in 2024, and the company has given him advance notice of their plan to redevelop their land.

“We tried to buy the land from them, they said no, we tried to extend our lease, they said no,” Nash added.

Nash said the league has about 5,000 adult players with 300 teams and a long waitlist.

He also said the Albion Academy, which uses the field as well, have around 1,000 kids playing. He said there’s not many options for another soccer complex nearby, but he’s on the hunt for a new place for his nearly 6,000 players.

“We’re not going to leave all this community without soccer,” Nash said. “But it’s so difficult to get land here in San Diego, especially recreational.”

“We don’t want to get involved between a fight between developers and politicians, we just want to service our community and have a nice soccer complex for the people to enjoy,” Nash continued. “We started this and thankfully and fortunately it grew to this point, but we’re going to keep going.”

A representative from Brookfield Properties said in a statement Monday afternoon “… they do not comment on individual tenant leases.” They also could not confirm if the land will be developed for commercial or residential use.