SAN DIEGO — San Diego police officers secured a South Bay elementary school campus on Monday after a firearm was discovered in a student’s backpack, according to district officials.

Officers with SDPD were dispatched to Finney Elementary School, a Chula Vista Elementary School District campus near Palm Avenue, after receiving a report from the school that there was a firearm in the backpack of a primary student.

According to Chula Vista Elementary School District officials, the firearm was reportedly put in the backpack of the student by an adult at home by mistake.

Finney Elementary School was placed on a secure campus notice by law enforcement, but the district said it was not under a lockdown.

The firearm was then safely retrieved by officers. No gunshots or injuries were reported.

Finney Elementary was reopened after police determined that there was no longer a threat to students and staff.

All parents and guardians were notified of the incident, which remains under investigation by SDPD in collaboration with the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

In a statement, communications specialist, Lidya Depietri Marquez, reiterated that safety remains a top priority for the district.

Marquez said that the district has taken multiple measures to ensure the well-being of students and staff, including engaging in drills of emergency responses and inviting local police departments to provide training on security topics.

“We conduct assessments to determine our strengths and areas for security, safety and emergency preparedness improvement,” she continued.