CORONADO, Calif. — New San Diego County water testing could prompt more South Bay beaches to close this summer due to harmful pollutants in the water.

Imperial Beach has been closed since May 5 and Coronado beaches have had to close for 17 days since the new testing started on May 8.

The new water testing is using rapid DNA technology, intended to have more accurate and faster results. Instead of waiting one day for results, a warning can be sent that afternoon.

“Ever since the county has introduced these new testing protocols begin May 8 – just over a month ago, we have seen our beaches closed a total of 17 days,” Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey said.

Bailey says in past years, Coronado has had zero to six days of beach closures. This poses the question if these tests are detecting harmful pollutants or now are detecting pollutants that have always been on the water.

Coronado resident Whitney David says she bought a property by the beach in 2008 to be able to surf whenever she wanted. Now these beach closures have stopped her from doing that. David says there needs to be a long term solution.

“It’s easy to blame one country or another or one group of people or another, but really I think this is an issue that affects all of us, it affects everybody up and down the coast, everybody on the planet. This is just one small area where this one thing is happening,” David said.

Imperial Beach has been greatly affected by beach closures due to its proximity to Tijuana, and now this new testing has not allowed IB beaches to open, causing frustration amongst its residents including Mayor Serge Dedina.

“We need to make sure that the county is not closing the beach, when in fact, it probably should be open because they don’t understand the thresholds of when it’s acceptable for the public to go in,” Dedina said.

Dedina says the county needs to do a better job communicating with these beach cities, U.S Navy and California State Parks to roll this new testing out or prepare for what could be a summer full of beach closures.