SAN DIEGO — The son of a doctor killed in a police shooting in Little Italy last year is suing the county and City of San Diego for the wrongful death of his mother.

The lawsuit says law enforcement used excessive force.

It’s been one year since the death of Dr. Yan Li and members of the Chinese American community, as well as her son, still want answers.

Body-worn camera footage shows the deputy and police encounter between Dr. Li one year ago just moments before her death.

“It’s pretty frustrated,” said Sunny Rickard with the Alliance of Chinese Americans San Diego. “For me as a private citizen I definitely want to see the Justice for Dr. Yan Li.”

Deputies says Dr. Li stabbed an officer, then three deputies and a San Diego police officer shot her. But her son filed a wrongful death suit saying his mother was suffering from mental illness and officers used excessive force.

“The neighbor had alerted the Sheriff’s Department that Dr. Yan Li has kind of episode in the past and he even asked the department the sheriff, ‘Don’t kill her, don’t kill her.’ I think at least the sheriff was alerted about Dr. Yan Li’s mental illness issues,” Rickard said.

Lawyers representing the son say officers should have sent the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team or PERT to de-escalate the situation.

“Why they did not wait for the PERT team to come to the scene, you know, that’s another question that we want to get answers to,” Rickard said.

FOX 5 reached out to the Sheriff’s Department who declined to comment due to pending litigation.