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Latest: New video, audio recordings detail moment plane went down on I-5 near Del Mar

SAN DIEGO — A couple in a car that was struck by a small plane as it landed on Interstate 5 in Del Mar is sharing the frightful moments when the plane descended from the sky.

“We were just driving down the freeway, just talking, when all of a sudden we just felt something huge hit us and glass shattered everywhere,” Sarah Tribett said.

Tribett told FOX 5 that she and her husband Dane were on their way to the beach around noon Tuesday as part of a trip to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They didn’t see the single-engine Piper PA-32 descending since it was behind their car.

“All of sudden, we just see the plane in front of us,” Tribett said. “We were scared out of our minds.”

Dash cam video shows the moment the plane touched down in traffic in the southbound lanes of the 5 freeway near Via de la Valle.

Tribett and her husband both escaped serious injury. Officials later said the pilot and passenger on the plane were unhurt while some passengers in cars that were struck by the aircraft had minor injuries.

“People that were driving behind us drove by us after and let us know that it literally landed on top of our car,” Tribett said. “Fuel all over the back of our back seat. All of my clothes are soaked and there’s glass everywhere.”

Tribett said what transpired did not feel like it actually happened, “let alone on their anniversary.”

“It’s definitely a story to tell our families,” she said.

The landing caused the closure of all southbound lanes of I-5 at Via de la Valle, along with the northbound HOV lane. Lanes reopened after the plane was loaded onto a flatbed truck and towed to Montgomery Field, where it will be investigated by the FAA and NTSB.