SAN DIEGO — With inflation making the cost of Christmas dinner more expensive this year, some San Diego restaurants are offering Christmas specials that may even be cheaper than cooking at home.

Some Christmas deals will be less than $50 a person to make eating out special and affordable for families this time of year.

Farmer’s Table in Little Italy is offering a three-course meal for a price the staff says you may not even be able get it for at the grocery store.

“$49 dollars for a three-course meal is truly a steal,” said Sara Arjmand of Farmer’s Table. “A lamb chop right now are worth $36 a pound or you can just get an entire meal for $49. If you do the calculation, I think it’s much cheaper just to eat out.”

Farmer’s Table in Little Italy is offering the Christmas special to help families dealing with inflation and holiday spending this time of year.

“Because we have made sure we adjusted accordingly because a lot of restaurants have raised their prices, but we have adjusted in a way that we want to welcome families and we want to make it affordable,” Arjmand said.

The Christmas special may be helpful for some families because the cost of a Christmas dinner is rising.

“The cost of a Christmas meal is up 16% compared to last year, so that’s actually higher than the overall rate of inflation,” said Economist Alan Gin of University of San Diego. “It’s more than double the overall rate of inflation. Even if you look at food at home. Food-at-home prices are up 12%.”

Another restaurant Herb & Wood is offering a four-course prix-fixe meal on Christmas Eve for $92 bucks a person and just $37 for kids. 

“It’s rare that you’re able to come into a gourmet restaurant like this. Get four courses of incredibly curated food and then the low, low price of $92. $37 for kids. Bring your kids, we love them too,” said Chef Carlos Anthony of Herb & Wood. 

The chef says on Christmas let him and his staff take care of the holiday hassle.

“More than that we’re going to clean it up for you,” Anthony said. “We’re going to make sure there’s no dishes for you. Anything you want to take home to go with leftovers, you’re going to have. What a great way to spend the holidays.”

Economists say the average grocery basket for Christmas dinner including ham, deserts, stuffing and veggies will be about $60 this year.