SAN DIEGO — It’s arguably the most patriotic beach city in the U.S., but Coronado is wrestling with its beach water quality.

The county testing flagged Coronado’s immediate coastal water with elevated bacteria levels, closing the annual Fourth of July Rough Water Swim.

However, Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey says beachgoers “absolutely can jump in the water.”

“The only change we’ve seen is that the county of San Diego is now using a new testing system to determine whether or not the beaches should be closed,” Bailey said. “Based on the other state sanction-approved system, beaches are still deemed safe.”

Bailey continued saying he’s frustrated the county has changed to a new warning process on the first Fourth of July without COVID restrictions.  

Some swimmers say the signs won’t stop them, but other parents and beachgoers were a little skeptical when they see the county signs warning of potential sewage in the water.  

“I don’t think we will be swimming in the ocean, I think the community pool is great and we’ll err on the side of caution,” one resident said.   

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