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SAN DIEGO — Social media recently connected two strangers in a way neither of them will soon forget.

Shortly after a woman lost her wedding ring on July 4th, a fellow San Diegan quickly reunited her with them.

Mira and Nathan Bourque were pulling up to Scripps Ranch Boulevard on July 4th to enjoy the annual parade when, before getting out of the car, Mira applied some sunblock. 

“I took my rings off and put them on my lap and just proceeded to put sunscreen on and got distracted,” Mira said.

They hopped out of the car with their two kids and went to find a spot to watch the event, unaware that Mira’s rings were gone.

“And then just before the parade was about to start, I just looked down at my hands and I was like, ‘oh no, oh no, no,'” Mira said.

Trying not to panic, they went back to the car to look for them.

“I relived the motion when we tried to find them — how I would stand up — and I knew they were somewhere on the ground,” Mira said. 

Her husband, Nathan, figured it was a lost cause.

“We checked the gutters, the canyons, the streets,” Nathan said. “There were hundreds of people at the event so I was just not holding out much faith that they would be returned.”

Who knew that at just the right moment, Eydie Krouse would also be walking by.

“We’re going to head to the parade on Scripps Ranch Boulevard and I saw two rings on the sidewalk and I thought, that seems odd,” Krouse said. “So I put them in my pocket and I thought, someone’s gonna need these later.”

After the parade, Nathan posted to a Scripps Ranch Fourth of July Facebook page while Krouse posted to a different page, and a mutual connection put them together. 

“Within probably two to three hours, I connected with the Bourque family and I said, ‘hey I think I have your rings. Come on over anytime.'”

“We lost them at 11, posted by 1, got connected by 2 something,” Mira said. “It happened really quickly and I was at her house at 4:30.”

The two women documented the happy reunion of Mira and her rings while the social media community weighed in.

“We had a range of emotions that day from tears to happy tears,” Nathan said.

The couple will celebrate their fifth anniversary in a couple of weeks, when the rings are sure to have even more meaning.