SAN DIEGO — On Sunday, rain accumulated on some roads throughout San Diego. While the rain is expected to continue through Monday, the California Highway Patrol is handing down some tips they would like people to keep in mind if they need to drive in rain or storm conditions.

“The biggest one, everyone drives too fast,” said Jake Sanchez, California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer.

CHP said their number one driving advice in the rain is to slow down. CHP said because San Diego does not get a lot of rain, people do not change the way they drive. Sanchez said often times people drive to fast on the wet roads, while forgetting about the hazard that’s been sitting on the roads.

Sanchez said, “Oil and dirt collect on the roadway. The longer we go without a storm or any rain, the buildup on the road gets worse. So the longer it sits, the slicker the roadways get.”

Sanchez said drivers need to stay alert by looking ahead. Drivers should watch out for pooling water on the roads, like the known area behind Fashion Valley Mall on Avenida Del Rio.

CHP said especially watch for pooling water when driving around the corner.

“Typically, we tell people to stay in those in those middle lanes those higher points of the roadway, in those middle lanes you’re going to have less chance of any buildup,” Sanchez said.

If you hydroplane, CHP said drivers should not hit or slam on their breaks because they will lose control of their car. Instead, drivers should take their foot off the accelerator until they regain control.

Another danger for drivers to be aware of is hydroplaning, when a cars tires lose traction because water builds up between the tires and the ground.

The rain is also a good reminder to make sure your car is in good shape.

Sanchez explained, “Simple fixes, make sure tires are in good working order, make sure the tread is on the tires. Don’t be driving around with bald tires. If your wind shield wipers are on or being used, your headlights need to be on as well — that is the law, so those need to be operational at the same time. But again, the biggest thing in the rain is to slow down.”

CHP also advices to wear your seat belt always and give yourself extra time driving. Also, checking your route for accidents or flooding before heading out is another tip advised by CHP.