SAN DIEGO — The sidewalk vendor ordinance will now go into effect citywide including coastal areas.  

The City of San Diego was waiting for the Coastal Commission to review the ordinance for coastal zones, but instead it will withdraw the review in order for the city to move forward with the ordinance.  

“From the start, I worked closely and negotiated the terms of the Sidewalk Vendor Ordinance with community members, and I met with the Coastal Commission to ensure the ordinance went through the due process. I want to thank the Coastal Commission for helping the Sidewalk Vendor Ordinance move forward so that it can be implemented citywide, including in the beach areas,” San Diego City Councilmember Jennifer Campbell said.   

The sidewalk ordinance went into effect in June, implementing a list of rules and regulations, which Campbell said sidewalk vendors did not have before. 

“You do have to have rules about these things,” Campbell said.  

All sidewalk vendors including those along the coast will now have to abide by the new rules and regulations which new sidewalk vendor, Tiffany Farley owner of A West Style Story, says is good so that everyone is held at the same standard.  

“I think it was an extra step, it was a little frustrating at first but I get it now – and at least I know I’m legit, and if there is ten people that set up next to me and half of them aren’t, the rangers is going to tell them they have to go,” Farley said.  

Farley says sidewalk vending gives people the option to promote their business without having to be located at a farmers market, which she says are very popular and hard to get in on.  

“I’m only in two farmers markets so a friend of mine told me about the sidewalk vending – I just started doing it, it’s been amazing – it’s super busy I love it,” Farley said.  

Campbell says it will take a few weeks before the ordinance is fully amended by the city council.  

If a sidewalk vendor is caught selling without a permit, they could be fined up to $1,000.