SAN DIEGO — The man accused of going on a shooting spree in San Diego pleaded not guilty to multiple felony charges Wednesday.

“Some of the most serious charges our nation strives to deter people from committing and the most serious charges some people can face,” said Melissa Mack, San Diego County Deputy District Attorney.

Jaime Gonzalez, 22, of Lemon Grove, has been formally charged with six counts of attempted murder, one count of murder, plus a felony charge for carrying a loaded gun. The prosecutor alleges Gonzalez shot at seven people, killing one and hurting three others. The prosecutor said Gonzalez went on a shooting spree throughout three San Diego neighborhoods.

Investigators said last Friday night Gonzalez shot at one person in Spring Valley, but did not strike anyone. Around 20 minutes later, investigators said Gonzalez shot at four teens at an Encanto neighborhood trolley station, striking two of them who are expected to survive. Investigators said less than an hour later, Gonzalez drove to the Bay Terraces neighborhood and shot two men, killing one of them, a 32-year-old.

Investigators believe Gonzalez acted along while targeting random groups of people.

When officers arrested Gonzalez two hours after the first shooting, they found a semi-automatic ghost gun in his car.

The prosecutor said that gun Gonzalez had on him when he was arrested was not registered.

No motive has been revealed yet for Gonzalez, but the Mack said Gonzalez faces multiple potential life terms for this case, looking at possibly 200 years to life.

“Gun violence is something, unfortunately, that we are seeing more often than not these days, gun violence is tragic, multiple people are going to have forever scars in this case,” Mack said.

Gonzalez is currently being held without bail. He is due back in court next month.