SAN DIEGO – A man suspected in a shooting incident led police on a high-speed chase through several San Diego neighborhoods before crashing Sunday afternoon, authorities said.

Witnesses told FOX 5 that they saw the man’s car at one point go airborne and narrowly miss families celebrating Easter.

Following the crash, debris scattered a Marston Hills neighborhood as residents looked on in shock at the damage to their cars.

“It’s like a bomb went off,” says neighbor Michael Wolf.

Wolf was celebrating Easter with his family, playing croquet when he witnessed the suspect slam into at least four parked cars, nearly hitting his family.

“Heard a really high engine noise coming down the road and I turned around. He hit the first SUV, swerved out of control, and as he came back, it looked like he was gonna come in towards the house here,” Wolf said. “But he hit the Mustang — flipped over the Mustang — like, airborne.”

Police say this all started when an undercover officer witnessed the suspect fire shots at Emerald Hills Park. At this time, police are unsure in anyone was injured during that incident. Following the shooting, a chase immediately ensued.

“Some of our other special operations units in our marked police vehicles got behind the car, tried to pull him over and a pursuit started,” said Lt. Christian Sharp with San Diego police. “When they ran the plate, they realized the car was also wanted in a carjacking from two days ago.”

The suspect sped through Oak Park, El Cerrito City Heights, and then through North Park into Marston Hills. Witnesses say he ran red lights and stop signs and eventually crashed into several cars.

“I heard the slamming and I opened the door just to see this car,” says neighbor D. W. Dawson. “The vehicle that was apparently stolen. From what I hear, may have been a carjacking, [The car] landed in our car after hitting several other cars, launched off of this kid’s Mustang there. They were playing croquet. The whole family was out in the front yard playing croquet, almost took them out.”

Police say the suspect took off but they were able to take him into custody. They also say they found a gun in his car.

“We’ve seen an epidemic of this kind of stuff increasingly and I believe there’s correlation and we need to start taking it seriously,” says Dawson. “A lot of people could’ve been injured and killed.”