BORREGO SPRINGS, Calif. — Sexually violent predator Douglas Badger is now at his new home in Borrego Springs.

FOX 5 cameras got a glimpse of Badger Monday afternoon, after he was driven home from an outing. We were told the 80-year-old Badger was not available for comment.

It’s only been a few days since Badger moved into the home with boarded-up windows on Zuni Trail. Neighbors are not happy.

“This was supposed to be our dream retirement home and it turned into a nightmare. We came out here for peace, solitude, privacy and that’s all been taken away from us,” said a man who lives right next door with his wife.

Badger served multiple prison terms for crimes, including child molestation and kidnapping.

He spent years at state hospitals under a sex offender treatment program.

Last summer, Borrego Springs residents and local lawmakers protested Badger’s proposed placement in the community.

Just over a week ago, residents were notified by sheriff’s deputies that Badger, under state supervision, was moving in.

“We have families here. Grandchildren can’t visit us anymore. If we see him outside, what do we do? Do we call the sheriff? Is this just OK for him to walk around? We have no idea because no one was in contact with us,” the neighbor said.

Badger isn’t the only SVP in Borrego Springs.

Convicted child molester Michael Martinez was placed in town last September. He now lives next to Victoria Baay, a local school district principal.

A link to a petition in support of the audit can be found here.

“Placing these SVPs here in our community has just created a sense of fear and tension. We live down here for a safe community. It’s not safe with SVPs here,” Baay said.

State Senator Brian Jones says next week he’s introducing an audit request into Liberty Healthcare, the company that manages the SVP release program.

“We want to know how successful they are. Maybe they are successful, maybe they’re not. I would propose they’re not and so this audit will look at that. There needs to be a sufficient outcry from the rest of the residents of San Diego because this can happen anywhere,” Jones said.