SAN DIEGO – A sewage spill Tuesday afternoon near Sixth Avenue and state Route 163 caused advisory signs to go up in Ocean Beach Dog Beach.   

“City of San Diego Public Utilities Department crews responded and relieved the blockage. Crews were able to capture about 4,000 gallons of the 10,800 gallons that spilled,” said Arian Collins, Supervising Public Information Officer with the City of San Diego. “However, approximately 6,800 gallons entered the storm drain system, which flows into the San Diego River. The river flows into the ocean at Dog Beach in the Ocean Beach area.”

Officials advise that residents to stay out of the water as bacteria levels may exceed health standards. Further samples were taken Wednesday morning and results are expected back Thursday.

FOX 5 spoke with several swimmers, surfers, and dog owners who claim they didn’t see the signs and went in the water. Many of those who did go in Wednesday said that posted signs should be much bigger and closer to the entrance.

Annie Isaacs made the decision to turn around after she says her dog Moose got sick the last time warning signs were up and she didn’t see them — pledging not to make the mistake again.

“I went to work and was watching him on the dog camera one day and he was just throwing up so it was really scary,” said Isaacs.  

Isaacs says that the vet bill was not cheap, either.

“He was getting non-stop fluids and medication – so thousands of dollars,” the pet owner said.

The results of the water quality test will be posted Thursday by the City of San Diego. You can find those results, as well as bacteria levels for other local beaches, by clicking HERE.