SAN DIEGO — The City of San Diego’s second safe sleeping site for the unsheltered will open Saturday.

It sits on city property at the edge of Balboa Park near the Naval Medical Center. 

The location, referred to as the O Lot, will accommodate up to 400 tents to get people off the street and on a path to permanent housing, according to Mayor Todd Gloria. 

FOX 5 got a tour of the lot Friday.

The city-owned tents are larger, taller and sturdier than at the first site.

Aside from a cot, on the inside each tent has wooden flooring to make the accommodations a bit more comfortable.

The temporary legal camping arrangement is part of the city’s comprehensive strategy to address homelessness.

In addition to tents, the program provides on-site amenities and services.

“Here at  O Lot, residence will have access to on-site meals, restrooms, showers, laundry storage, trailers case management, basic needs assistance and resource referrals,” said Todd Gloria.

 The first safe sleeping site to open was in June. That one is located is at 20th and B Streets in Golden Hill.

The city says it has brought in people who have refused other shelter options. As of Tuesday, the city had 145 people staying at the site. 

Folks who are unsheltered wanting use the lots need to be referred to and brought here by members from nonprofit organizations or first responders.