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SAN DIEGO- On Monday, officials with SeaWorld San Diego announced that a team recently rescued a “repeat offender” sea lion for the third time.

According to a public relations representative for SeaWorld, the rescue took place on April 7 in a City Heights storm drain when officials found the animal, nicknamed “Freeway,” headed in the general direction of the highway.

Members of the rescue team blocked off the area in an effort to avoid a similar rescue to the January incident in which Freeway was saved from State Route 94.

SeaWorld San Diego officials say that this is the third rescue of this sea lion, with the most recent incident happening on Jan. 7 and the first happening in November 2021.

Freeway is in good condition and is being evaluated by officials at SeaWorld San Diego, a common practice for any rescued animal.

As of May 2022, SeaWorld locations across the world had rescued more than 40,000 animals, with 21,000 of those incidents involving the SeaWorld San Diego team. Officials say the most common rescues in California tend to be sea lions, seals, sea and shore birds, and sea turtles.

If you believe that you know of an animal in distress or one in need of rescue, you can reach out to the SeaWorld San Diego Rescue team by calling 1-800-541-7325. You can also send an email to