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NATIONAL CITY, Calif. – A weekly search party for Maya Millete paved on Saturday morning after an emotionally tolling Friday night at the Millete residence where Chula Vista police served a search warrant for seven hours.

It was the second search warrant at the house since the case began. 

Friday night, both of the family’s cars were seen in the garage and a white evidence van was parked in the driveway for several hours.

Around 11 p.m., investigators were seen hauling several boxes out of the house and into the van before pulling away.

Family and community members flocked to Maya’s home to see for themselves.

“Thrilled that something moved the needle and something was being done and it looked major,” said Keri Park, one of Maya’s “Search Warriors.”  

Maya’s sister and brother-in-law Maricris and Richard Drouaillet drove down from Riverside County Friday night after FOX 5 told them the news. Police remain tight-lipped about the case and haven’t said why the search warrant was served or what was found.

“We’re hoping for, you know, closure I guess, you know, it’s been four months and it’s been too long,” Maricris Drouaillet said.

The couple has attended nearly every search, but following Friday’s search warrant Maya’s “Search Warriors” took the reins scouring for any clues at Pepper Park in National City. 

“I’m just glad they’re getting the rest that they need because it was a really long night,” said Lily Burke, a Search Warrior.

Burke said a possible clue was found at Saturday’s search, National City and Chula Vista police came out right away.

“Chula Vista Police was very prompt with their response and that is something that we had not really seen before,” Burke said.

She hopes police will push forward to bring closure to Mayas family and she’s calling on Chula Vista elected officials to help.