SAN DIEGO — SeaWorld San Diego named a young male sea lion they rescued earlier this year “Rocky” for a reason.

In early January, the sea lion pup was rescued at La Jolla Cove after ingesting over 100 rocks and suffering from a potentially lethal bacterial disease, Tracy Spahr with SeaWorld San Diego told FOX 5.

During the rescue, the sea lion pup was found isolated and lethargic, prompting crews to send him to the SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Center and Hospital for examination, officials said.

The veterinary team confirmed the sea lion tested positive for leptospirosis, a potentially lethal zoonotic disease that can be found worldwide in soil and water. Spahr says it was the first positive case for the center in about eight years.

Another shocking find took place during the sea lion’s rehabilitation when the medical team discovered through x-rays the sea lion pup had ingested over 100 rocks that needed to be removed for him to fully recover, according to SeaWorld San Diego.

“Gastroscopy (introducing a tube shaped camera via the mouth into the stomach) was performed by a team of trained veterinarians and over a pound and a half of rocks were successfully removed from his stomach over a series of procedures. Once healthy, he doubled in weight and was ready for return,” Spahr said.

A yearling Northern elephant seal found at Imperial Beach with multiple cookie cutter shark bite wounds was also treated by SeaWorld San Diego, the rescue team said.

Last week, both animals returned off the coast of San Diego.