SDSU fraternity leaders ban social gatherings


SAN DIEGO — Fraternity leaders are cracking down on social gatherings at San Diego State University.

The announcement came as San Diego State University welcomed back 2,600 students who are taking classes online. 

“I’m definitely a little nervous,” SDSU junior Kamila Hasleman said. “But we’re excited, I think just to be with the four of us but nervous about everyone kind of repopulating.”

Some students told FOX 5 Saturday that they have seen students with no masks heading to parties during the first week back to school.

The university also confirmed this week one student tested positive for COVID-19. Some students worry not everyone is taking the social distancing and health guidelines seriously.

“I definitely hear a lot of parties going on,” student Colin Tansimore said.

SDSU’s Interfraternity Council leaders say that’s why they announced a moratorium on all social gatherings this fall.

“I’m happy that they banned it officially, like publicly made a statement on it,” student Ella Rajala said. “But at the same time, I don’t know if that’s going to stop more underground and under the table types of events from happening.”

The university released a statement to students saying in part: “As of today, and dating back since March 2020, 25 students, faculty, staff, vendors or campus visitors have reported a positive COVID-19 case and have had contact with an SDSU campus.”

The university said when it becomes aware of a positive case, it activates an assessment and response team to make sure the sick student is isolated and their contacts quarantined.

“I think we’re probably going to see a rise in cases just because a lot of people aren’t taking it as seriously as they should be,” Hasleman said.

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