SAN DIEGO — San Diego State fans are racing to Houston to witness the Aztecs’ historic appearance in the Final Four.

Adam Wasserman, a 15-year season ticket holder, is making another road trip after watching SDSU win in Louisville in the Elite Eight.

“It’s huge, we were crying at the end of the last game — people going nuts. Can’t wait to go to Houston. My friends are already there. They’re at the open practice right now, sending me videos. We got big group, huge group,” Wasserman said.

Some San Diegans are spending whatever it takes to get there.

One Aztec fan getting on a flight said he’ll worry about the bill after the Final Four.

“It wasn’t cheap, But I have a very supportive wife, thankfully, who understands my fanaticism,” he said.

As of Friday, the best available flights were around $1,500 to $2,000 and hotel rooms in the Houston area were running around $900 a night.

Season ticket holder Steve Smith acted fast, getting a plane ticket early for $700.

“I actually got an e-mail last night saying they offered me $600 to give up my ticket for American Airlines. I turned it down. I’d rather go to the game,” Smith said.

As of Friday afternoon, game tickets were available on StubHub, ranging from less than $70 to nearly $10,000.