SAN DIEGO — Thousands of fans attended Snapdragon Stadium’s grand opening game as the San Diego State Aztecs took on the Arizona Wildcats.

The inaugural game came in the middle of one of the hottest days in San Diego for the year.  

Rick Brady, a SDSU alumni, says San Diego’s Stadium grand opening in 1967 was hotter.

San Diego Stadium (Courtesy: Richard Brady)

“They played the Detroit Lions and they lost sadly – which was a big deal for me because I was a big Charger fan,” Brady said.

Courtesy: Richard Brady

Brady was 10 years old when his mother took him to see the first inaugural game at San Diego’s Stadium.

“We used to ride our bikes down here in the summer, so the stadium goes up and my mother took us to the first game in 1967,” Brady said.

Brady lived at the top of the hill, overlooking the stadium’s construction progression. He mentions when the old stadium was being demolished, he was sad looking back at all the memories he had made inside.

“A lot of good life was in this stadium, a lot of the time we spent in the parking lot of course – because some things don’t change – the parking today – not good,” Brady mentioned.

Brady, a San Diego State alumni who was part of the college engineering, says he is happy the old stadium was able to be recycled and used in what is now Snapdragon Stadium.

“As an engineer, it is pretty gratifying because it’s the right thing to do – there is also some of the soul from the old stadium in the new stadium,” Brady mentioned.

With the old stadium gone, and the new stadium now in full force, Brady hopes the community can all rally behind it.

The San Diego Wave FC and San Diego Legion of Major League Rugby will be sharing Snapdragon Stadium with San Diego State athletics.