SAN DIEGO — San Diego police on Wednesday released bodycam video from a deadly police shooting in Encanto.

Around 8:40 p.m. on Aug. 28, a SDPD officer tried to rescue a wounded woman but is shot at by her son, police say. Police have identified the suspect as Jesse Nelson, 43.

The officer tries to see where Nelson is hiding as dozens of his colleagues arrive as backup.

“Due to the fact the suspect had killed one person, one dog, and had fired and continued to fire multiple rounds at responding officers, assistance from the San Diego Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics Unit (S.W.A.T.) was requested,” police said.

The SWAT team tried to get the suspect to give up, but he refuses.

The suspect then begins throwing items out of the garage towards officers. An hour later, police say he set fire to the structure.

An officer eventually shot and killed Nelson. Police say they recovered a rifle next to him. A handgun and shotgun were also found in the home, along with additional firearms and ammunition.